Most of these pieces were created for my enjoyment -- and hopefully yours. On one hand they are an exploration of how I see the world (with humor and humanity, I hope). On the other, they are an exploration of the marvelous tools for creativity put in our hands in the last couple of decades. Mixed in are some that were done for pay or for commercial purposes.
    And who is this Winslow Junker whose name you'll see throughout? He was the hero of a novel I started writing in my 20s. He had all the qualities I thought I lacked -- he was cool, clever, witty and creative. And he wasn't burdened with the self-consciousness and uncertainty often found in a young man's baggage, mine included.
    The novel never got written, but Winslow has stuck around, cool and witty as ever, and still urges me to create. This, in a way, is his portfolio, too. Enjoy.
                                 Tom Hardy

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